The Secret Little Things

I have this little book. It’s called My Utmost For His Highest. I RAVE about this book to everyone I know. This small green paperback devotional has helped me through the roughest of times in the past 5 months or so. I read a page daily, and really, really think about it. It’s amazing how much wisdom, comfort, and peace that Oswald Chambers can cram into one small little page every day. There have been nights when I’ll sit down to read it and I’ll just read the title and I’ll say “Oh hey God, Your sense of humor is showing again.” Some nights it’s EXACTLY what I needed to read and learn about. Some nights it’s just another page, and I don’t really know why I’m reading it. Then out of nowhere, in the next couple weeks or less, I’ll have a friend (or just a random person!) talk to me about a certain problem which relates to thatpage! What I thought to be an insignificant and unhelpful page! Turns out that God had a bigger reason. I’ve been praying that God will give me that words to speak. And here’s a testimony and a praise that he does answer prayers! God has given me words through this book so much, that I thought I would write about it tonight.

Last night’s page was titled “The Secret of the Lord.”

It started off with a question that really got my mind a-thinkin’.

What is a sign of a friend? Is it that he tells you his secret sorrows? No, it is that he tells you his secret joys.

Hmmm. Secret sorrows and secret joys? After I thought about that for a bit, I came to the conclusion that old Oswald-y was right. Yet again.

He went on with another question…

Have we ever let God tell us any of His joys? Or are we continually telling God our secrets, leaving Him no time to talk to us?

Ahhh I see what you did there Mr. Chambers. Well played.

What makes God so dear to us is not so much His big blessings to us, but the tiny things, because they show His amazing intimacy with us – He knows every detail of each of our individual lives.

This floors me whenever I think hard about it. God knows EVERYTHING ABOUT ME. Not only does He just KNOW me, He knows EVERYTHING.

He knows that when I merge unto a busy highway, I get super tensed up and scared. Yet every single time, I turn and look behind my shoulder and *BAM* it will be completely clear just in time for me to make my way in smoothly. A God thing? I think so!

It’s the little things.

God knows the friends that can bring me up when I’m down. God places those family members, friends, pastors, teachers, and even strangers in my life at the perfect time. A church sign on the side of the road. A random song I pass on the radio. A beautiful sunset. The sound of the trees when the wind blows. It’s like their clapping at God. That brings me joy. (:

It’s the little things.

I’ve been challenged this week to tell God my secret joys, all of those little things, and big things! I’ve been challenged to be silent in the times that God wants to speak to me.

I am SO thankful for all of those tiny little God-things. (:

-Lauren Ashleigh

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